Presentations, Videos, and Popular Press

I have written a couple of popular press articles:

I spoke with Jim Green, Chief Scientist of NASA, for his podcast Gravity Assist:

I spoke with Wyat Gibbs at Scientific American about the Fermi Paradox here:

I had a nice interview on Take Note for WPSU with Anne Danahy about SETI:
I was interviewed for Event Horizon here:

and here:

I did three short videos for Breakthrough Listen about astrobiology here:

and I was on Ask the Astrobiologist here:

Seth Shostak and Chuck Nice interviewed me for Star Talk All Stars (full audio here):

I appeared on Weekly Space Hangout at Universe Today:

and again with Frasier Cain on Open Space here:

Frasier also interviewed me at the AAS meeting here about what it would take to know we’ve found aliens:

Here is a Google Hangout about our WISE Search for Kardashev civilizations with Franck Marchis and Jill Tarter of the SETI Institute, collaborator Matt Povich, and Freeman Dyson:

Here is a full-length description of the project I gave at the SETI Institute itself:

and a later science colloquium for the SETI Institute here:

I did an episode of Cool Worlds for David Kipping here:

and I’m in part two of the video here (at the 6:25 mark)

Here is a panel I was on featuring Adam Frank, Ira Flatow, Lousia Preston, and Stephen Gardiner on whether we are alone:
Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 9.08.00 AM
Here is a live chat from our Green Bank Observatory live chat prior to our radio observations

And a later talk I did during Tabby’s Star’s 20 May 2017 dip:

I gave the Friedman Lecture on astronomy about Tabby’s Star, which is recorded here:
Friedman Lecture Slide

Friedman Lecture Slide

I gave a public lecture on Exoplanets with General Relativity here:
Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 10.49.06 AM
I presented our work on SETI at Discovery U here on Penn State campus.  It’s a “TED-style” talk:

Here is a talk I gave at the University of Nebraska Lincoln a while back for a science teacher conference about exoplanet detection:

direct link to the mp4 file (217 MB)

and here is my Carnegie DTM talk about precise radial velocities:

My talk on imposter syndrome:

Here is a public talk I gave at Caltech for the Keck Institute for Space Sciences, as part of a 4 part lecture featuring lots of Kepler tidbits and an intro by Bill Nye the Science Guy. :Screen shot 2012-05-28 at 8.11.19 PM.png

The entire session can be viewed here:
Screen shot 2012-05-28 at 8.09.06 PM.png
Here is a promotional video about my research:Screen Shot 2014-08-30 at 2.06.57 PM
Here is my summary of the 20 years of exoplanets at Lick and Keck observatory (with bonus McDonald Observatory science):
Talk at OHP

Talk at OHP

I have also appeared on:

  • I was interviewed on Podward State.  Teaser here at 37:00.
  • I appear in this documentary (around 47:00) about Astronomy & Astrophysics and academia’s “publish or perish” culture:

  • Seth Shostak interviewed me about life in the universe for Facebook Live:

  • I also did an AMA about it all here.

I was interviewed for the BBC Sky at Night about NEID: