Spain and it’s ongoing education problems

Residents of Spain are still fighting with the government about education reform. Students are still taking the streets in efforts to show the government that they are unhappy with the current situation in Spain. In the capital city of Madrid over the weekend, Press TV reported that another protest was going on, organized by the national student’s union. The students are unhappy the the tuition and fees have gone up at the school but the quality of education has not. Many students cannot afford to study and thus are forced to drop out of school. Not only has tuition gone up, but access to government grants have gone down. Spain’s prime minister Mariano Rojay has increased taxes, decreased teaching salaries, and cut education and healthcare budgets during his time in office. Spanish education is on the decline and many residents of Spain believe thta education should be reformed in order to make Spain one of the top countries for education.

This is an ongoing issue that needs to be address very quickly. By refusing to make quick changes regarding this issue, students are being deprived of an education that they deserve.

2 thoughts on “Spain and it’s ongoing education problems

  1. Alicia Qin Hoke says:

    Adrianna!!! Did you not heed my warning about posting education issues about Philly?? Our HOMEtown?! Tsk tsk tsk…. I will be looking forward to reading about Philly next week as you’ve promised. All jokes aside, this is a really god blog post. Because you’re an education major it leaves me hopeful that you care about the education of people around the world. Universal education is vital to keep the world spinning <— I mean that figuratively. However, some psychology majors could argue that there is only so many spaces for the educated, that there needs to be an uneducated population to keep the unintelligent and intelligent distinct from each other. I look forward to reading more of your blogs to come.

  2. Jacky says:

    Compared to the college students in the U.S., this seems to be a more difficult situation for Spanish people who have troubles getting higher education. The president made a bad decision in cutting education funds, something that is a necessary in today’s society. I hope they’ll be able to recover from this problem.

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