January Meeting Notes

Since the last meeting….


Shake Rattle and Rocks > one of the teachers was really impressed by the women scientist turnout. Way to be great role models guys!!!


Beth suggested that send emails to the entire department for general meeting emails, we will do that from now on but other events via listserv. Add sentence that says how to join the listserv.


Let Allison know if you want to be on the listserv amk6331@psu.edu


Update from Claire:


Art Class feedback from last semester attendees would recommend it to other and the fact that AWG funded it was really important to people and attendees wanted to take it again.


For spring semester claire is sending around a questionnaire to tailor the course for what people want.


Museum is looking for people to volunteer to museum tours

Also there is an opportunity to help during a sand table workshop in feb

There is an event in april that they are looking for volunteers

May be more opportunities at the museum and there will potentially be a housekeeping day to reevaluate grad student and museum relationship.


Gabby Outreach and brainstorm


This semester we are going to try and focus on older students outside of the state college area


Contacting girl scout troops


AAUW > active with Middle school students and they have a series out outreach events on Thursdays > they need volunteers so Gabby will give details for those that want to sign up

From 3:30-5p

STEM related activity

St. Nittany Middle School


If have ideas send gabby an email


Liz and Cecilia: Northeastern/North Central GSA Meeting


Focused on energy but lots of sessions

We are responsible for running the AWG booth, requires that we have someone there are all times and two people that need to get the badges


Everything but food and 75% of transport is covered


Buffs are here!


Cost $10 each for purchase

Encourage friends to buy them!

We will sell them at the Chill and Spill tomorrow


T-shirt design


Female Atlas design


How does the club feel about the nudity > email offices if you have a concern


Continents and a quote from a female scientist on the globe


Send Virginia a quote if you have an idea but we have a good one from Marie Curie but it is really long


Virginia will send out an email with the quotes so that people can vote. Also for the color of the t-shirts




Let her know your votes by Friday!



Maureen wants AWG to participate in high school recruitment but we are not sure what yet. Beth Ann will be in charge


Pre-Field Camp Field Trip

To get people acclimated to camping and general outdoor stuff


Fun camping social with advice for future field campers and to answer questions


Advice: go to a good outdoor store and get them to set up the equipment for you to try


Need to figure it out within the next month so that Shelby can reimburse


Link to AWG google calendar



Chili Cookoff

Will be in March

Graduate only event

Raises funds for our Field Camp scholarships so undergrads should apply for the scholarship in March.


Breakfast with Colloquium speakers

First is February 7th


Beth will give the next chalk talk


Writing Group

Wednesdays 5-7p writing group

Productive hours to write together

Everyone supporting each other to write

Starting next wednesday January 25th


Undergraduate Thesis Deadline

Have something due every two weeks


Hidden Figures and Michael Mann are both tonight so go do something cool and sciency