Accessibility in the Geosciences Lunch Discussion

AWG hosted students, faculty and staff for a discussion on accessibility in the geosciences. Associate Professor of Geoscience Peter LaFemina presented his ongoing work collaborating with Associate Professor of Geography Alex Klippel, his lab and the Teaching and Learning with Technology office on creating virtual-reality field trips.
For online resources related to this discussion, visit these webpages:
Teaching and Learning with Technology
ChoroPhronesis, Alex Klippel’s virtual reality lab page on geoscience applications
Penn State Student Disability Resources


The International Association for Geoscience Diversity – “Ending the Awkward” entry

Earth Magazine – “Geology for everyone: making the field accessible” article


YoutTube video – Immersive Virtual Reality for Thrihnukagigur Volcano in Iceland

Associate Professor Peter LaFemina website:

Stay tuned for our next discussion on October 18th 12-1 pm (location TBA)