Bearded Ladies Project


PSU AWG is excited to announce that the Bearded Lady Project is coming to the Earth and Mineral Sciences Museum & Art Gallery this fall (October-February)!

Ellen Currano, a Penn State alum, is leading the charge to challenge the face of science through this traveling portrait exhibit and short documentary film. Watch the trailer or visit the website to learn more about the project. Get excited about coming events here on campus that AWG is planning and promoting, like the documentary screening and panel event on September 23, where creators Ellen Currano and Lexi Marsh will be here to discuss the film with us!


Better yet, create your own images or short video to challenge the face of PSU science–see detailed information below including an opportunity to be invited to the invitation-only opening event!

The New York Time recently published an article, “Women Making Science Videos on YouTube Face Hostile Comments.” The article concluded, “If you have diverse voices, you’ll reach more diverse audiences,” Ms. Amarasekara said. “If you want to reach more people, you need people who speak to them.”

If you would like to be one of the diverse voices speaking, submit your videos to the Bearded Lady Exhibit at Penn State and be included in the opportunity to be invited to the invitation-only opening event. We have simplified our request to submittals of videos any length between 30 seconds and 150 seconds. See below for more information.

The EMS Museum & Art Gallery would like to collect short videos and images of women in science to accompany the upcoming Bearded Ladies exhibit and kick-off the new EMS Museum & Art Gallery website. All Penn State women of science are invited to participate, from students to established professionals. This is a great time of year while we are all out-and-about doing our research in the field, museums, and labs to capture images and video of ourselves in action. Five short videos will be selected by committee and those women will be invited to the invitation-only premiere of the Bearded Ladies exhibit! Please direct any questions to Claire Cleveland ( or Gabi Rossetto (

Images (submit by September 28, 2018)
We are looking for images of you participating in science. Field images are especially powerful as well as images in the lab or the museum. Images depicting all aspects of being a woman in science help young women envision the many different lifestyles we lead. We have partners, families, and do non-science activities too!
Step 1: submit images
Step 2: complete image supplemental information

Videos (submit by September 28, 2018)
We are looking for short videos of your experience as a scientist. Videos can be 30 seconds to 2.5 minutes in length. Be sure to include your first and last name, what type of science you do, your location, and what makes you excited about being a scientist. To see what we are looking for, check out Gabi’s example video in the video folder. When making your video be sure that your audience can hear you clearly–be aware of background noises or wind that might detract from sound-quality. Review your video before you leave location just in case you want to make a change.
Step 1: submit video
Step 2: complete video supplemental information