The Bearded Lady Project screening

The Bearded Lady Project documentary screening poster

Join us on Sunday, September 23, 2018 for a screening of The Bearded Lady Project in 22 Deike Building from 1:30-3:30 pm.

This screening will include a presentation by Dr. Ellen Currano, co-creator of the film, which will be followed by a panel Q&A with Dr. Currano and five female PSU STEM faculty.

Faculty panelists (with their research interests indicated) include:

  • Liz Hajek– PSU Geosciences
    Uses the stratigraphic record to reconstruct past landscape conditions on Earth. Focuses on learning about internal (autogenic*) variability that occurs in different sedimentary environments and understanding how Earth’s surface responds to change.
  • Kate Freeman– PSU Geosciences
    studies fossil molecules and their stable isotopes. Interested in ancient climate, the carbon cycle, microbial biogeochemistry and the signatures of life on Earth and beyond.
  • Jenn Baka– PSU Geography
    Energy geographer interested in understanding the interconnected political and biophysical processes shaping and shaped by systems of energy provision
  • Kristina Douglass– PSU Anthropology
    An archaeologist, whose current work investigates human-environment interaction in Madagascar.
  • Parisa Shokouhi– PSU Civil engineering
    Infrastructure sustainability, non-destructive evaluation of civil infrastructure, multi-scale non-destructive testing (NDT) of construction materials


And be sure to see our previous post for ways to get involved with the project!