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2018/2019 Mentor-Mentee Program

The AWG mentor-mentee program pairs  undergraduate and graduate students in order to build relationships and provide a resource for advice on internships, finding research opportunities, applying to graduate school, career options, and more. AWG will subsidize the cost for each mentor/mentee pair to go out for a coffee break or lunch once a month.  Undergraduate and graduate students, females and males are all encouraged to participate.


AWG will be hosting its annual match-up dinner this Thursday, September 13th from 5:30 – 7:00pm, in the EMS museum (ground floor of Deike Building).  Chipotle will be provided, come hang out and meet potential mentors or mentees!


If you are unable to attend the dinner, you may sign up to be paired with a mentor or mentee below, by SEPTEMBER 20th.

For undergrads looking for a graduate mentor, click here!

For graduate students looking to be a mentor, click here!



AWG Officers



Bearded Ladies Project


PSU AWG is excited to announce that the Bearded Lady Project is coming to the Earth and Mineral Sciences Museum & Art Gallery this fall (October-February)!

Ellen Currano, a Penn State alum, is leading the charge to challenge the face of science through this traveling portrait exhibit and short documentary film. Watch the trailer or visit the website to learn more about the project. Get excited about coming events here on campus that AWG is planning and promoting, like the documentary screening and panel event on September 23, where creators Ellen Currano and Lexi Marsh will be here to discuss the film with us!


Better yet, create your own images or short video to challenge the face of PSU science–see detailed information below including an opportunity to be invited to the invitation-only opening event!

The New York Time recently published an article, “Women Making Science Videos on YouTube Face Hostile Comments.” The article concluded, “If you have diverse voices, you’ll reach more diverse audiences,” Ms. Amarasekara said. “If you want to reach more people, you need people who speak to them.”

If you would like to be one of the diverse voices speaking, submit your videos to the Bearded Lady Exhibit at Penn State and be included in the opportunity to be invited to the invitation-only opening event. We have simplified our request to submittals of videos any length between 30 seconds and 150 seconds. See below for more information.

The EMS Museum & Art Gallery would like to collect short videos and images of women in science to accompany the upcoming Bearded Ladies exhibit and kick-off the new EMS Museum & Art Gallery website. All Penn State women of science are invited to participate, from students to established professionals. This is a great time of year while we are all out-and-about doing our research in the field, museums, and labs to capture images and video of ourselves in action. Five short videos will be selected by committee and those women will be invited to the invitation-only premiere of the Bearded Ladies exhibit! Please direct any questions to Claire Cleveland ( or Gabi Rossetto (

Images (submit by September 28, 2018)
We are looking for images of you participating in science. Field images are especially powerful as well as images in the lab or the museum. Images depicting all aspects of being a woman in science help young women envision the many different lifestyles we lead. We have partners, families, and do non-science activities too!
Step 1: submit images
Step 2: complete image supplemental information

Videos (submit by September 28, 2018)
We are looking for short videos of your experience as a scientist. Videos can be 30 seconds to 2.5 minutes in length. Be sure to include your first and last name, what type of science you do, your location, and what makes you excited about being a scientist. To see what we are looking for, check out Gabi’s example video in the video folder. When making your video be sure that your audience can hear you clearly–be aware of background noises or wind that might detract from sound-quality. Review your video before you leave location just in case you want to make a change.
Step 1: submit video
Step 2: complete video supplemental information


Lab Girl lunch discussion Oct 18

AWG’s next lunch discussion 
Lab Girl and Other Writings on Anxiety and Mental Health in Academia” 
will be held
Weds, Oct. 18 from 12-1 pm in Deike 541
Discussion will be led by Joanmarie Del Vecchio and Prof. Liz Hajek
For this lunch discussion we encourage you to do a little background reading for insight into the challenges some of your students, classmates and colleagues may face.
Excepts from Hope Jahren’s Lab Girl can be downloaded here.
Chronicle of Higher Ed articles on students with mental health struggles and anxiety more generally.
A beloved internet cartoonist takes on depression in parts 1 and 2.
In addition to the readings, here are a few resources for students on campus:
This campus group has a lot of helpful resources:
Info/program about suicide prevention:
And CAPS, of course:

Mentorship program 2016/2017


The AWG Penn State mentorship is starting back up for the academic year!

Do you want to become a part of the program? There’s two options for you to sign up.

1. Go to the mixer:

This Wednesday, October 19th at 6 pm, the Association for Women Geoscientists (AWG) will be hosting a mixer in the EMS Museum and Art Gallery, Rm. 18, to kick off our undergraduate mentoring program. The program will match graduate mentors with undergraduates in the department. Graduate mentors could help undergraduates with anything from the stresses of figuring out time management to understanding the process of applying for graduate school. If you are interested in the slightest, please come by and check it out. There will be great fellowship and Chipotle as well.

2. Sign up online:

If the mixer doesn’t work for your schedule, but you still want to be a part of the program, you can fill out our forms online. Please be as specific as possible about your scientific and professional interests are so we can match you to a mentor/mentee who fits your interests.

For undergrads looking for a mentor, click here.

For graduate students looking to be a mentor, click here.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone this year!

–AWG Penn State officers


View from one of our mixers last year

First Meeting Thursday September 1st

Hello Everyone!

Now that the semester has started, it’s about that time for the first Association for Women in Geosciences meeting of the year! The meeting will be held Thursday September 1st in Deike 541 at 5:30pm.

We will be discussing what we do in more detail, as well as some of the fun outreach and social activities we will be working on! Here are some things that we have already started planning!


  1. AWG T-shirts on sale for $15! Judi will be selling them in her office (438 Deike)
  1. We are planning a welcome back camping trip at Black Moshannon State Park September 16th-18th!!! Please fill out this survey to help us plan!

  1. We are trying to start a new monthly lunch discussion event. The idea behind this is to host an open lunch discussion led by grad students, but with faculty participation. The goal would be to talk about different Geoscience career topics. Such as, Should we separate our opinions and activism from our research? How do we make geosciences more inclusive? We are looking for people interested in planning these events. If this appeals to you please email Joanmarie Del Vecchio (!


Hope to see everyone there, and remember, guys are welcome too!

-Allison Karp (Secretary) and the AWG Officers


Check out our social media presence!





Syncing to the AWG Penn State Calendar

We will now be keeping our events and meetings in a public Google calendar. If you want to subscribe to our calendar so you don’t accidentally miss out on any meeting or event, follow the instructions here (for google) or here (for mac). The link to our calendar (in the iCal format) is:

If you’re having trouble syncing with our calendar, let our current webmaster know.

Sketching class for geoscientists

The geology sketching class offered by the Art Alliance, in partnership with AWG, is fast approaching. This class will be a great opportunity to sharpen your sketching skills whether it is for outcrops or thin sections and anything in between. Additionally, this is a great opportunity for professors, graduate students, and undergraduates to interact in a more casual setting. All are welcome, but we must limit the class size to 20 people.

Thanks to those who have already expressed interest! We are very excited about this event and hope you are as well! 

We now need official commitments from participants. If you’ve already signed up, and are still interested, please indicate your intent to attend the class by adding your email address to the google doc  by Friday Aug 19.

There are also 3 spots left! If you have not yet signed up and are interested, add your name and email address to the google doc . We will also maintain a waitlist in case there is more interest than spaces, so if all the participant spots are filled when you go to sign up, add your name to the waitlist. The waitlist will be used to fill spaces if anyone backs out.

If you’re ready to take the final step in securing your seat, please provide payment via cash or check (made out to AWG) to either Claire Cleveland (Deike 236, or Judi Sclafani (Deike 438, AWG is able to subsidize $40 per attendee, making the cost to participants $35. For those who find $35 a stretch, let us know and we will do what we can to make this class affordable. Conversely, if you can afford a little more and are willing to pay the full amount ($75) to help defray the costs to those for whom this might be prohibitive, we would greatly appreciate that! The sooner you can turn in your payment, the better! We are setting the final day for payment on September 2nd. After this time, people on the waitlist will be offered the spot of anyone who hasn’t paid.


When: Classes are on Tuesdays from 7pm to 9pm on September 13th & 27th and October 11th & 25th.

Where: The Art Alliance of Central Pennsylvania, 818 Pike Street, Lemont, PA 16851.

How to get there: We will arrange a carpool, but there is also a CATA bus that services Lemont. Bus route (M) between campus and Lemont

What to bring: Pencils, eraser, and something to sketch on such as your field notebook, sketchpad, or other paper. If you are willing to bring samples of your sketches to share with the class, even better!

Please let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you there!

-Judi Sclafani, AWG Penn State co-president


Hello everyone! Welcome to the new AWG Penn State website. The idea is that this will become the new home for us to introduce ourselves, announce events and meetings, archive our notes from meeting and events, and link to our social media presence. The site is still under construction, so I expect the site will be undergoing some changes in the next couple weeks. I appreciate you patience while I’m getting everything adjusted. If you have any ideas about what you would like to see on this page please let me know (either at our first meeting or by email at If you have any great pictures of our past AWG events you would like to have part of our page, post it to our facebook page or email me.

–Sheila Trampush, AWG Penn State webmaster