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Brown Bag lunch discussion on being a grad student during COVID19

Brown bag lunch discussion o’clock. COVID can’t stop us from having engaging conversations about the world around us, so we will continue the tradition but virtually.  For those not familiar: Brown Bag lunch discussions are a time to talk with fellow grad students, undergraduates, faculty, staff, post-docs (whoever shows up, honestly) about all the life things that shape us as grad students, as a community, humans, etc. On the docket for discussion: I’d like to talk about “being a grad-student during COVID-19.” Beloware two links to make you think: 1) a science article about some COVID workarounds, and 2) a CE&N (chemical and engineering news) interviewing a bunch of graduate students and their experiences with COVID and grad school.
Example questions you may have after reading these articles, or just in general 1) How are grad students holding up? 2) What’s it like being a first year student during the pandemic? 3) What are you strategies for stress relief? 4) How are you able to focus on your work when you have a cat sitting beside you? 5) What can the grad school do to help?
To note: I personally don’t have any answers, but talking it out is the best way to get answers!
Above are merely some example questions, so feel free to bring your own thoughts, feelings, questions, comments, concerns, or even other literature! I’d love to talk with you, and have a great discussion. And if anyone has an immediate answer to question 4, please email me.
this FRIDAY 09/25/2020 a 12:00PM on ZOOM
Brown bags not required.
See you there!

Brown Bag Lunch, Wednesday October 16th at 12 PM

We would like to invite you to another AWG-hosted brown bag lunch discussion on Wednesday (10/16) at 12pm in Deike 541. Julia Carr will lead a discussion on accessibility in the geosciences, particularly with regards to issues surrounding invisible illnesses.

To focus the discussion, we have selected a few articles that show lived experiences in the geosciences with suggestions for improvement. First, two blog posts written by Gabi Seratto Marks, a Ph.D. student in geoscience at MIT, which relate her experiences attending conferences while chronically ill and her advice for future conference organizers. In addition, we will discuss a blog post by Dr. Anita Marshall about her experience navigating field science after a near-fatal injury.

We hope to use these posts to launch our discussion around accessibility in our daily lives as geoscientists from the classroom to traveling for field trips, conferences, and more, and thinking about different ways we can incorporate accessibility best practices into our teaching and work.

Hope to see you there!

Conferencing while chronically ill: https://medium.com/@gsm/conferencing-while-chronically-ill-190664c9a4cd

How to make professional conferences more accessible for disabled people, by Gabi Seratto Marks: https://medium.com/@gsm/how-to-make-professional-conferences-more-accessible-for-disabled-people-6a15ea2e0b5a


Moving forward: Overcoming our ideas about disability in the Geosciences, by Dr. Anita Marshall: https://speakingofgeoscience.org/2018/10/08/moving-forward-overcoming-our-ideas-about-disability-in-the-geosciences/