Who we are


The international AWG organization

The Association of Women Geoscientists is an international organization that is “devoted to enhancing the quality and level of participation of women in geosciences and to introduce girls and young women to geoscience careers“. We are an official chapter and we are currently the only chapter in the northeast USA.

Membership in the Penn State Chapter 

While our meetings and events are open to anyone that is interested, we strongly encourage people to become an official member of the AWG. Membership dues are not terribly expensive and there is usually a discount if you sign up at a GSA or AGU meeting.

The Penn State AWG Chapter receives funds and support from Shell and Chevron

Our Officers for 2019/2020

Gabi Rossetto Harris & Chloe Stanton, Co-Presidents

Shelby Lyons, Treasurer

Ben Barnes, Secretary

Clarissa Crist and Sierra Melton, Outreach Coordinator

Perri Silverhart, Katie Horisk, Claire Webster & Nancy Weinheimer, Mentor/mentee program coordinators

Mary Reinthal & Erica Lucas, Event Coordinators

Joanmarie Del Vecchio & Troy Ferland, Social Committee

Lucy Lu, Undergraduate Liason

Emily Schwans & Collin Oborn, Fundraising

Julia Carr, Webmaster & Historian

Liz Hajek, and Roman DiBiase Faculty Adviser