Cuban Salsa

Spring 2020 Lessons: Mondays at White Building 133
5:30 – 7:00 PM, Multiple Levels

Instructors: Juan and Judit

Originating from the Cuban and Puerto Rican styles in the ’60s, Salsa remains the major staple of any Latin dance event! We also practice Bachata, often paired with Salsa when dancing socially.

Our amazing new instructors Juan and Judit will be teaching an all-levels Cuban Style Salsa class every Wednesday now for the rest of the Spring! Join us and come learn this classic style that has been danced all over the world for decades!

Cuban Salsa has a more circular and dynamic rhythm of movement compared other Salsa styles that are danced in more linear shapes. This is an exciting opportunity that we rarely get in State College – so come take advantage of it now!