Please contact Dr. Julianna Simon if you would like to collaborate with BASiL using any of the equipment listed below.

Verasonics(R) Research Ultrasound System

More information on the capabilities of the 128 channel system are available at  Available transducers include the Verasonics(R) L22-14v and Philips/ATL P4-2, L7-4, and C5-2.

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) Transducers

Two Sonic Concepts HIFU transducers are utilized for therapeutic studies: 64-mm, 1.2-MHz, f#=1 with 3.6 MHz third Harmonic and 64-mm, 1.5 MHz, f#=0.7 with 42-mm center opening for co-axial alignment.  Associated electronics include a Keysight function generator and oscilloscope, and ENI A500 amplifier.

Fiber Optic and Capsule Hydrophones

Our ONDA hydrophones are used for studying and understanding diagnostic and therapeutic ultrasound propagation in liquids and tissues.