A Cure for Alcoholism?

Renaud de Beaurepaire, the author of “The use of very high-d0ses of baclofen for the treatment of alcohol-dependence: a case series,” suggests that Baclofen, particularly high-dose baclofen, may be recently emerging as a treatment for alcohol dependence. Although baclofen may seem to be a wonder drug when it comes to alcoholism, it may have many potentially dangerous side effects and needs further testing at the moment. However, Beaurepaire conducted a study involving the last 100 patients seen at his clinic, including 17 of them whom have taken a very high does. Through the analysis of the patients ┬ámedical charts Beaurepaire discovered that even if a patient is on high doses of Baclofen, designed specifically to ease the pain of alcohol dependence, that the road to recovery and treatment is often always a long story and a long fight.

Personally when I think of alcoholism I picture a stereotypical AA meeting as seen on popular television shows where all of the characters respond with a friendly “Hello (insert name here)” and take turns telling each other their deepest trials, tribulations and struggles with addiction. One may be quick to think that this would not be the most helpful of options. Wouldnt it be nice to be able to take a magic pill such as baclofen to ease the burden of addiction? As nice as that sounds even Beaurepaire would admit that there is no magic pill or a cure for alcoholism. The support of family and friends, and the willingness to work together as a doctor and patients is what best helps ease addiction.

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