Stages of cancer


Staging is based on a numerical scale ranging from 0-4. Zero would be when breast cancer is caught in its earliest stage and is usually most treatable. A 4 would be a later stage and more aggressive treatment is necessary.

Stage 0

  • The breast cancer consists of a single lump with no metastasis . The tumor is considered to be in situ.

Stage 1

  • The tumor measures about 2cm (it has not spread outside of the breast tissue.

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Stage 2

  • the tumor measures between 2-5 cm long
  • it may have begun to metastasize into the lymph nodes surround the breast tissue.


Stage 3

  • divided into 3A, 3B, 3C based  on severity
  • 3A is larger then 5cm and has spread to 1-3 lymph nodes
  • 3B is any size tumor that has spread to the tissues and lymph nodes
  • 3C is any size tumor that has spread to more than 10 lymph nodes
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Stage 4

  • has spread to many parts of the body including lungs and brain
  • most severe case





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  1. That is very true. If a lump is found earlier it is normally much more treatable. When people wait to long the cancer just gets to progress and grow more.

  2. Early identification is key. Performing self breast exams monthly, having a mammogram done, and going to the doctors when finding a lump could help prevent the tumor getting bigger. The outcome is always better when a person finds the tumor when it is smaller.

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