Examining TIB

To assist one another in cultivating engaging, compelling aural essays, consider the following when reviewing one another’s work and ideas:

  • Is there a belief statement?
    • Where is it situated in the essay?
    • How does the language of the belief statement work to pique curiosity and interest? And how does the placement or subject matter of the essay create expectations about what kind of belief statement would be appropriate? (Certain subjects will be more conducive to levity and cleverness than others.)
  • Is there a story?
    • Is it well-told? Concise, but clear?
    • Is it specific?
    • Does it have coherence? Fidelity?
    • Can you understand why this story is being told as representative of or significant to the belief?
  • Is there a reflective/philosophical portion that helps explain the belief?
  • Does the writer avoid “shoulding” in the essay?
  • Overall:
    • Do you trust the author?
    • Is the essay interesting and unique? Or could lots of people have written this truthfully (this matters to the question of detail and specificity of story)?
    • Is it well-written?
      • Is it smartly considered?
      • Is the language rich and compelling?
      • Are the elements structured in the most effective way? Could it be reorganized to greater effect?