Take the Challenge

Before you begin looking for books and articles about your concept, make sure you have a basic understanding of it. Challenge yourself to talk about your concept for one minute by talking to yourself or explaining it to someone else.

Reference sources, such as the subject encyclopedias found in Gale Virtual Reference Library, are a good place to find a general overview and background information about your concept.

Mnemonic Strategies and Techniques

Follow the Clues

Follow up on books and articles listed in the article’s bibliography.

Find Higbee’s book in The CAT.

Look at the Subject(s) assigned to the book. Those Subjects are links to other items in the catalog. Click on one of the Subjects to find other, more current, books.

If the York campus doesn’t have the book, request it using I Want It.


Pick one of the articles from the bibliography and search for it using LionSearch.

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