I am a fourth year PhD student in statistics at Pennsylvania State University. Prior to joining Penn State, I completed my master’s degree from Columbia University and undergraduate degree from the Johns Hopkins University.

Currently, I am advised by Dr. Murali Haran (Statistics) and co-advised by Dr. Klaus Keller (Geosciences). I am also a part of the research network for  Sustainable Climate Risk Management (SCRiM) and the Program on Coupled Human and Earth Systems (PCHES).

My research interests lie in uncertainty quantification for complex computer models, fast model calibration methods via parallelization, spatial models for high-dimensional non-Gaussian data, and their applications to the climate sciences. My current research projects include (1) taking advantage of parallel computing to implement particle-based calibration; (2) low-rank methods to calibrate models with high-dimensional spatial outputs with an excess of zeros; and (3) generalized wavelet method of moments to model spatial dependence of high-dimensional non-Gaussian data.