Purple Team

Our purple team captain are Zirui (Rinna) Wang, Matt Steckel, and Katie Anders!

  • Rinna is a sophomore marketing major from Wuhan, China! “I THON because I am fascinated by the power and kind nature of this club. I wish to be part of this big influence, making this world a better place, specifically, helping the children who suffer cancer. I honestly can’t think of one reason why I wouldn’t help other people if I can literally make their lives better with THON.”
  • Matt is a senior accounting major from Allentown, Pennsylvania! “I THON so that every child can live the fulfilling life that they deserve!”
  • Katie is a first-year business administration major from Boyertown, Pennsylvania! “I THON for the kids! It’s so great to know that all of our efforts support kids in need.”