Portfolio of My Work

A Spark version of this portfolio is available here: A Pixel Pusher’s Portfolio – A Sampler of the Work of Pat Besong

In my 35 years of working, I’ve worn many hats and accomplished many things. Here are some samples of my work…


I created a series of animations called Simply Speaking, to teach students, staff, and faculty about basic online security. These were animated in Adobe Flash in sort of a cutout paper style, then output as QuickTime movies and uploaded to YouTube. Here are a few…

Phishing Scams

Peer to Peer Filesharing

Cloud Computing Security

Protecting Your Online Accounts

CSI (Interactive Flash)

This was a humorous way of teaching how police use electrophoresis to compare DNA. I both wrote and illustrated this module as a click-through graphic novel…

Electrophoresis (Interactive Flash Animation)

This animation shows the process of electrophoresis to test DNA…

The following is a series of videos for Penn State’s Infectious Diseases MOOC, which consisted of working closely with the faculty members to completely understand the concepts and then converting them to animated illustrations. These were overlaid on video of the faculty teaching the topics. Here are a few…

Roots of Epidemiology


What Is Malaria?

Illustrations and Photoshop

A Powerpoint slide for Michael Kubit (CIO at Penn State), who needed a graphic for his Canvas Day presentation. The paint and brushes were some of my own I photographed to use as part of the background. I applied a drop shadow over a canvas background pattern in Photoshop.

Another animation I did was for the Psychology department. This consisted of a series of illustrations set to audio…

Scenario 1: Cassidy Jones

And here are some illustrations for various projects. The next three images were done as sample ads for the World Campus. I did both the Photoshop work and the ad copy itself…

Lincoln ad

Native ad

Statue of Liberty ad

Some Facebook Profile pictures to entertain my friends…

Pat as a civil war soldier

Pat on a unicycle on a tightrope between two skyscrapers

Pat sitting on Game of Thrones throne

Pat as a gladiator

This was a life-size painting on plywood of Barney that I made for WPSX-TV for their fundraisers. I’ve since been able to rescue it from PSU Salvage where it was kept in a cage in the back, and it now hangs inside my garage.

Painted Barney for WPSX promotion

I painted a copy of Frederic Remington’s A Dash for the Timber one summer. I used acrylics on hardboard. I really enjoy western art. I saw Remington’s collection at an art museum in Colorado and his work really impressed me. Each one told a story.

Web Design and Programming

Being an Art major in college, I had to learn to program on my own. Unfortunately most of the Web pages I designed have been replaced with new designs, but here are a couple I did recently. I am familiar with HTML5, Javascript, CSS, Bootstrap, Perl, and XOJO. Despite being an art major, I’ve done some pretty cool things in the programming arena.


Synchrimedia website

Synchrimedia is my software company web page for MovieCaptioner, SCC Caption Decoder, and ScreenCaptureX, all programs I wrote using XOJO. The site was developed using Bootstrap and scales for mobile devices.

Understanding Digital Photography

Understanding Digital Photography website

This site was a bit of a challenge in that it was originally done in Flash, but no longer worked on iOS devices. I tried to keep the same functionality that was in the Flash module as much as possible. It required considerable CSS manipulation and javascript. Although it does scale, it is not as seamless as a Bootstrap site, however, the functionality of the site prevented me from using something like Bootstrap.

Screencast Tutorials

This is a sample of  a number of tutorial videos I needed to create on how to use MovieCaptioner. ScreenFlow is a great program to use for such videos.