Why feminism?

Provided this blog is actually interesting enough to read, people may be wondering why I have chosen to write about a topic that the public considers such a non-issue in modern times.

I’ll tell you why. Because gender inequality still does exist, will always exist, and is much bigger of a deal than people make it out to be. The fact that I carry pepper spray around campus with me and can’t walk down the street in a nice outfit without being yelled to by random weirdos is, among other countless examples, proof of what is wrong with our society.

Will this blog be an entry way to some kind of radical feminist movement that will give females the social rights they truly deserve? Considering I’m a seventeen year old college student at a school with over 40,000 people, probably not. Even if I was some kind of professional blogger, the chances of my blog making a difference on a large scale would be slim to none. Regardless, I’d still like to think that if some disillusioned teenage girl happened to be searching the Internet for blogs and landed on this one, some of my posts would at least make her smile.

Furthermore, I think this blog breaks the stereotype that all feminists are butch, bra-burning, hairy-legged lesbians whose single goal is to promote female superiority. Honestly, I don’t understand where that stereotype came from. If you’re a woman who happens to like woman that’s cool and I totally respect that, but I don’t understand why people think that in order to be a feminist you have to like only women. The two don’t correlate. Also, who came up with the idea that feminists don’t like to shave their legs or wear bras? Personally, I like smooth legs and support, but that’s just me. Bringing me back to my original point, I think writing this blog will make it clear that the stereotype for typical feminists is absolutely not true. As a skinny, five foot four, non-athletic female with a passion for online shopping and shoes, I can certainly vouch for that.

2 thoughts on “Why feminism?

  1. Carly M Cherwony says:

    Sorry, if my first comment sounded weird, I’m terrible at writing these things under pressure. The AAUW is a new organization on campus … at the last meeting they said they started last year, but are part of a national collective. They advocate for equality for women through advocacy, community service/outreach, and education. As of right now they meet weekly on Mondays. They are on facebook, twitter, and instagram if you want to reach out for more information. Just thought this would peak your interest!

  2. Carly M Cherwony says:

    Preach! I’m interested to see what you’ll be blogging about as the year continues. I fully support you notion of breaking stereotypes about feminists; we are more than men-bashing warrior women. Also, I think you might be interested in joining the club AAUW, the American Association of University Women.

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