Working with talented researchers, graduate, and undergraduate students, we are researching various issues in travel and tourism. The topics include tourism big data for marketing and management, the educational benefits of travel, cross-cultural issues of visitor management in national parks, the wellbeing of urban residents in China, etc. I am part of Travel and Tourism Research Group in the Department. I am continuously recruiting talented graduate students. Please contact me for information.


So Young Park, Ph.D. student           Rui Li, M.S. student


Yuxia Lin, Ph.D. student, Xiamen University       Chengcheng Su, Ph.D. student, Zhejiang University


Pete Allison, Penn State University, Clio Andris, Georgia Tech, Guangqing Chi, Penn State University, Deborah Kerstetter, Emeritus, Penn State University, Seoki Lee, Penn State University, Junyi Li, Shaanxi Normal University, Stephen Litvin, College of Charleston,  Zach Miller, Penn State University, Peter Newman, Penn State University, Will Rice, Penn State University, Ashley Shroeder, Penn State University, Wayne Smith, College of Charleston, Derrick Taff, Penn State University, Jennifer Thomsen, University of Montana, Dan Wang, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Jinfeng Wu, Shaanxi Normal University, Yang Yang, Temple University, Xiaoli Yi, Jinan University, Gaojun Zhang, Jinan University