Graduate (PhD) student research positions:  Self-motivated students with Masters or Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical, Electrical, Physics, Optical, or Mechanical Engineering disciplines, preferably with a prior research experience in ultrasound, optical and photoacoustic or other instrumentation. In the lab, graduate students will develop novel instrumentation and image reconstruction algorithms and build advanced diagnostic technologies that use MEMS based optical and ultrasonic sensors. To broaden their knowledge, students will have the opportunity to take important multidisciplinary courses covering several departments that are highly ranked. There is an option to obtain PhD in BME with a minor in other discipline (e.g, EE, CS, Physics, and Math). Application: http://www.bioe.psu.edu/students/graduate/how-to-apply.aspx

Postdoctoral position: We seek PhD graduates in Applied physics, Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Optical Engineering or a related field. At least two good first author peer-reviewed publications with strong experience in building state-of-art optical, ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging systems. The specific aim of the fellowship can be tailored to meet individual goals, which will provide an opportunity to build clinical, research, grant-writing and publication experience to start independent academic or Industrial oriented careers.