The Sites at Penn State Team is proud to annouce the rollout of 1.4.5 a features and maintenance release.  With this release you can now embed Yammer groups, Voicethread conversations, Storify stories, and Github gists into a sites posts or pages.  The add user UI has been enhanced as well; users can now add multiple users at once and import eLion class lists into a site.


Here is a complete list of items included in this update:

  1. feature…psu-embeds plugin added
  2. feature…psu-mt-blogs-mover plugin added
  3. feature…psu-xmlrpc-auth plugin added
  4. enhancement…bulk add users and import elion class lists into a site
  5. enhancement…pagelines accessibility plugin integrated into mu-plugins theme framework
  6. enhancement…make vote it up themes automatically enable/disable vote it up plugin
  7. bug fix…wordpress to buddypress profile redirection
  8. bug fix… theme triggers click on read more on large activity button
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