Many people have asked us why we now have (WordPress system) in addition to (MovableType system). Here I share my personal experience that I learned over the years working in both platforms.

Throughout the years of serving the blogging need of the community, we have learned a great deal from our faculty, students, and staff about how most people actually use blogs. Here are a few highlights:

1. Easy to just start writing

Most people just want to start writing right away, rather than building a highly customized personal platform. WordPress has the least learning curve of all the blogging systems we researched. Its interface is intuitive, and the workflow is very easy to grasp, compared to MovableType’s complex architecture that consists of templates, content authoring, and static publishing. We feel that this lowers the threshold of blogging, saves the training cost, and encourages most courses and individuals to start trying it.

2. Polished outlook as default

WordPress has many ready-to-use, polished themes for us to use right away. At the same time, many themes provide an easy way for bloggers to personalize it by customizing the banner, color sets, and other options. Advanced users can still use custom CSS to go deep.

3. Much cleaner menu design

WordPress provides a very easy way to organize information for authors and visitors. It’s now very easy to create menus, sub-menus, or inter-linking navigation menu items. This would be a very difficult task in MovableType.

4. WordPress is one of the most popular systems today

Many readers and writers are already familiar with the system. It’s also easy to find guides, designs, and various resources.


If you are thinking about creating a new blog, this is what you need to do:

1. Stop thinking about it.

2. Do it! Now!

3. Profit.

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