Sites 1.5.8 was release yesterday April 15th. This release introduced enhancements for network administrators and event tracking. While these features will go unnoticed by the everyday sites user, they will help lay the groundwork for providing a high quality service to our end users.

Here is some more information on event tracking. First, the list of information currently being collected as users trigger events by using the sites service.

  • When users log-in or register.
  • When new blogs are created or deleted.
  • When users are added to or removed from a blog.
  • When posts are created, deleted, or have their status changed.
  • When attachments are added or deleted.
  • When comments are posted.

This information will help us identify activity hot spots and more.  The team hopes to expand the breadth and scope of data being collected now in the future, so please stay tuned.

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