We’ve been adding new plugins to Sites at Penn State which add all sorts of great new functionality to WordPress.  We hope you find these useful to create great content on your site!

  • CommentPress Core – a combination plugin plus theme that allows readers to comment paragraph-by-paragraph or line-by-line.  Useful for creating sites that turn a document into a conversation.
  • Protect Site to PSU – a plugin we wrote which allows you to protect a site behind WebAccess or restrict access to a site to a group of users added to your site.
  • TablePress – a plugin that makes it super easy to add tables and tabular data to your site.  It has a very comfortable interface and includes features like sorting, pagination, filtering, and more.
  • The Events CalendarThe Events Calendar PRO  – A plugin (and premium add-on) which allows you to create and manage events with ease.  This plugin includes features such as calendar views and reoccurring events.
  • Wiki – Create Wikis on your site which allow any user to create and edit content via the front-end, similar to Wikipedia.

These plugins are in the experimental section of the plugins so we are not certain they will stick. We invite to you try them out and give us feedback on the Sites at Penn State Users Group on Yammer.

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