It’s that moment you’ve been waiting for! The Penn State themes, Genesis for PSU and TwentyTwelve for PSU, will be updating automatically within the week to display the new Penn State mark. The themes conform to all visual standards and guidelines as per the Department of University Marketing and have been approved by ITS Marketing and Communications. The update should not affect the content of your website, only the header region, featuring the mark and site title, and the footer. The search box has been removed from the header, but users can add the Search widget to any widget region available within those themes.

For individuals and units using a different theme, it is asked that you do not take it upon yourselves to update or modify this mark on website(s). The Department of University Marketing is responsible for overseeing the University’s graphic identity system, maintaining visual standards, and approving use of any representative mark or symbol. “To provide a consistent, up-to-date and time- and cost-effective approach, the academic identity will be phased in over time across the University… An online manual and toolkit will be available in the coming months to ease the transition for the University community.” Those interested in updating their websites with the new mark should contact the Department of University Marketing (814)-863-1870.

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