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If you were part of the ANGEL LTI pilot please be aware that the upcoming upgrades to the Sites at Penn State service infrastructure will no longer be able to support the ANGEL LTI pilot as of August 12th.

Users that already have access to your course blog(s) will not be altered or removed. This will only effect new user access.

Thank you for your participation in this pilot program. We hope to develop a Canvas LTI to replace this functionality in the future. We will be in touch information on the Canvas LTI pilot when it is ready to launch. In the meantime, please follow the directions listed below on how to export your student’s user IDs.

From Canvas

Follow the instructions on how to Export your gradebook and copy the row of your student’s email addresses. You can then add them into the “Users” tool on Sites.

From Angel

Follow the instruction on how to Export Gradebook Grades. Please Note: This exports to a .tsv file, but this opens in Excel. Under “Source ID”, you will find your student’s access IDs. You can then add them into the “Users” tool on Sites.