The Unforeseen College Expenses

You’d think once you’ve sent in your deposit, paid your semester bills, and bought all the items for you dorm you’d be well on your way to saving money for the next semester. Wrong. In the past week, I’ve spent money on items I’ve never even realized you had to buy to sustain college life. These are the types of things you were used to your parents coming home with, or stocking up the pantry without even realizing. For example, school supplies. I’ve really taken my parents fore granted for the past twelve years since a decent notebook costs around $7.00 at the bookstore. Let’s not forget a box of cereal at The Mix costs around $6.49, and that does not even include the milk you have to buy, since dry cereal cannot even pass as a satisfying meal. I almost cringed at the register when I spent $15.00 to rent a book the size of a weekly planner. I don’t know about any of you, but I never planned on buying laundry detergent and dryer sheets in the near future, I just learned how to do my laundry last week. The total costs of all these little necessities really starts to add up in the end, and I feel helpless without a steady flow of income. In the long run, at least I’ll learn how to spend my money on the useful items in life, yet I wouldn’t mind if the box of cereal was reasonably priced. After all, college is expensive and overpriced cereal does not exactly fit the¬†budget.


College Expenses

5 thoughts on “The Unforeseen College Expenses

  1. drs5656 says:

    This is a great post! You made it very relatable to your readers. We feel your emotion; the pain of handing your money over for an item you need but you know is well overpriced. They don’t make it easy on us.

  2. dlp5382 says:

    I like how personal you made this post. You were able to use emotional appeals to relate to the audience since we are dealing with being on our own for the first time. Great job!

  3. cpe5047 says:

    I think this was a very good blog post. You did a good job of making the post relatable to the readers.

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