More Trouble for Seaworld

If anyone has seen the documentary, “Blackfish” on Netflix, your heart has been ripped into hundreds of pieces, and now want to boycott Seaworld. After this documentary was released, Seaward issued a TV commercial denying the facts presented in Blackfish. Yet, with all the emotional appeals in Blackfish, it’s very hard, if not impossible for Seaworld to regain the trust of Blackfish viewers. The documentary goes on to discuss the horrifying images of whales in small tanks, and their collapsed dorsal fins, making each viewer feel like a humanitarian. With the popularity of Blackfish, there has been several protests and petitions to free the whales of Seaworld. Even after facing trouble once again, an article was released that poses another threat to the place who holds whales captive. Author Jenny Kutner recently released an article about an orca being spotted at the age of 103, and not showing any signs of slowing down. Seaworld claims that whales live longer in captivity, even though studies show Seaworld’s whales only live an average of 20 years due to excessive breeding, being separated from their pods, and the small pool that Seaworld considers to be enough for such a large animal. The article proves that once again, Seaworld has failed in their tactics to bring viewers back on their side, and now will have to issue another statement so the parks can still operate. In the past year, Seaworld has lost 1 million visitors due to their corrupted methods of caring for these animals. Hopefully we can see some change down the rode, and finally let these animals be free. Until then, Seaworld will be placed under fire.






4 thoughts on “More Trouble for Seaworld

  1. Davi Seguine says:

    I completely agree with you and the film. Sea World either needs to prove, by factual evidence, that what they are doing isn’t wrong. Otherwise they need to stop their harmful ways.

  2. dlp5382 says:

    I have not seen Blackfish, however, by reading your description I feel extremely bad for these whales. You did a great job analyzing the documentary!!

  3. Eryn Petrakis says:

    Good Work! I like how you point out that Seaworld not only lost the trust of Blackfish viewers, but that it will be incredibly hard to regain their trust.

  4. gvl5144 says:

    This was an interesting post I did not realize the affect captivity had on whales and their lives.

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