Penn State freezes tuition for in-state undergrads

Parents of us fellow in-staters can breathe of sigh of relief, due to the decision made this past week to not increase the tuition for the 2015-2016 school year. The decision was made after the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education decided to raise tuition 3.5% at surrounding state-owned universities. The article cited below gives a quote from our governor Tom Wolf stating, “I commend President Eric Barron and the Penn State board for voting not to raise tuition on Pennsylvania residents”. The emotional appeals used throughout this article appeal to all families sending their kids off to Penn State, and also trying to find a way to pay for their tuition as well. I’m sure all of us would agree that this was a commendable effort put on by the board as they are recognizing a need to ease the burden on middle class families sending multiple children off to university, in order to pursue an occupational lifestyle. Being an in-state student, I am glad to hear the board has recognized that the cost of tuition is expensive, and that they are making an effort to help us in anyway possible. This definitely good publicity for the University, and a good day to be a Penn-Stater Hopefully, we can see a freeze in tuition for our fellow out-of-staters in the upcoming years to release the financial burdens of college on them as well. Additionally, I liked to buy this shirt for my parents to show how thankful I am for their support throughout this journey.





2 thoughts on “Penn State freezes tuition for in-state undergrads

  1. Alec Brown says:

    I just recently heard about this. Since i’m also in state, this affects me too, and i’m happy to hear it.

  2. cpe5047 says:

    Interesting topic to pick! I like how you talked about something that we all relate to and I am also happy at the outcome.

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