What’s up with Sandra Bland’s mugshot?

In the past week, controversy has sparked over the arrest of the former Sandra Bland. It is noted that Sandra Bland was arrested for forgetting to put on her turn signal, giving attitude to the police, and then found herself in jail. The violent confrontation between the cop and Bland in the video infuriated the already angered African American activists against police brutality. The video sparks numerous emotional appeals to the audience, as some many sympathize with Bland due to her unfortunate death the day after the incident. But what sparks more controversy is the mugshot taken of Bland. In her mugshot, many believe she was killed, instead of claimed “suicide”. Bland’s mugshot has been seen all over social media, with many commenting on what they believe, and how her eyes look lifeless in the photo, indicating she was dead when the shot was taken. I believe the whole case appeals to the activists against police brutality. In the past year, incidents concerning cops and minorities have been shown across every news outlet, only continuing to anger the public even more. Hasty generalization has bee used throughout to make the police seem no longer trustworthy. I think this creates a divide between the public and those who keep protect us from the day to day basis. While I do think there is more into the Bland case then the police are letting on, I think we should continue to respect those who keep us safe as we go about our daily lives.

4 thoughts on “What’s up with Sandra Bland’s mugshot?

  1. Alex Stojanoff says:

    We have been seeing these stories of police brutality way too much over the past few years. I think you did a great job reporting the story while avoiding bias.

  2. tmb5839 says:

    There really are a lot of hasty generalizations made by the media trying to prove what ever side they are biased towards. All these events are truly tragedies and it is sad that a deep divide is being created in our country from it.

  3. Alec Brown says:

    I totally agree with this. No one knows what happened in this situation, yet people seem to think they know based on the race of the victim. I think people should stop jumping to conclusions and think through the argument before placing blame.

  4. Cody K says:

    Seeing these police brutality stories all over the news, i can see your position on the subject. It almost seems like the media is putting a divide between the people that protect us and the public. No one is better at rhetorical strategies than the media, good blog post.

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