The 1 Year Anniversary

It is going to be an emotional weekend in St. Louis as our region marks the one year anniversary of the fatal shooting death of Michael Brown by former Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson. Events are planned throughout the weekend to honor Brown. On Sunday, August 9th, the actual shooting anniversary, there will be a moment of silence at 11:55a.m. to mark the time when the shooting happened. shift has occurred in the year since Michael Brown’s death sparked unrest in the streets of Ferguson. National conversations have arisen around issues affecting the black community in America: police brutality, economic injustice, racial inequality. Names that might have made little more than local headlines have become national stories: Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Walter Scott, Sandra Bland. I think all of these national headlines should be an indicator that our society needs to take more action to prevent these circumstances from happening again. This should appeal to all the American people because we are living in a society that is beginning to no long trust the police force- the people are supposed to be their for our protection. The whole system is becoming ironic. How long are we going to see the same pattern of events occur before we decide to make a change? Our country needs to needs to establish some type of boundary to prevent the citizens and the people whose jobs are to protect us everyday from fighting against one another. Hopefully in the near future we can see a change so we do not have to continue to see the same headlines every month when we turn on the news.

One thought on “The 1 Year Anniversary

  1. Cody K says:

    good post, this is definitely something that needs to be addressed as a nation. The cameras that are suppose to be put on all police officers are slow moving. It’s funny how the red, white, and blue represents freedom until its flashing in your rear view mirror.

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