“Big Brother” Law In Germany

This anti-terrorist law was put into effect caused a stir among journalists in Germany. They were concerned that it would cause an issue with press freedom and investigative journalism. Some provisions of the law hinder reporters from protecting their sources. It also allows telephone and internet surveillance.

This law was implemented as an anti-terrorist law. However, there are people that think it will make it easier for investigators to spy on reporters without their knowledge. There’s also the worry that this will cause less critical journalism, which is essential in any democracy.

With this law enforced it would be risky being a source for a journalist. Their identity could become known by investigators if authorities felt the need to make journalist divulge who their sources are. There is a similar law like this in Australia that was enforced to counteract terrorism, but if its making the citizens , especially journalists, feel as thought their liberties are being taken away there must be a problem. Anti-terrorism legislation seems to be doing more harm than good.

Source: http://www.spiegel.de/international/germany/new-anti-terror-legislation-journalists-worry-big-brother-law-will-kill-press-freedom-a-596807.html

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