Edward Snowden

My issue of Wired came in the mail the other day, what’s the big deal about that? The cover and the cover story. They featured Edward Snowden, now I am very aware the vast majority of American’s agree with that he did. Having worked in the intelligence community for my entire military career I know first hand what he affected and how overblown the allegations are about US surveillance. I can assure you that the NSA, ONI, CIA, anyone of them are not sitting around¬†actively listening to American citizens believe me there are bigger fish to fry. If you had to access the information gathered the paperwork and requests are substantial. In the classroom I’ll get more into this when the time comes. I’ll just leave you with this though, Mr. Snowden fled to Russia has said he doesn’t have the documents anymore, hasn’t spilled any tradecraft. I call bullshit and here’s why, Crimea. Now I’m very aware in Sevastopol the Russian’s essentially rented that port and surrounding area for military purposes, as well as a perfect strategic point for any conflict. Therefore already having people within. Ukraine’s armed forces radar and communication equipment were functioning properly. So how did they evade Ukraine’s and the United States amongst other allied countries SIGINT, COMINT, and IMINT sensors? Well one person had the documents, knowledge and skills to show Russia how to. Mr Edward Snowden. That’s just a quick and extremely basic overview of my thoughts and even that particular situation. I hope that could help you think about it in a new light.

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