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  1. crs5816 says:

    Overall an interesting and informative site. I like the information on monthly breast self-exams as it may be the most crucial factor in catching cancer early. I was concerned at first that men are not mentioned in the site, but the quiz covered the fact that men can be afflicted. I look forward to hearing your presentation.

  2. jek5317 says:

    This site is very well done. Nice design (pink background is a nice subtle touch), good flow, videos to keep interest in the user, and your presentation was very nicely done as well. Loads of information here that would help women (and men) become educated on the risks, screenings, treatments, etc. of breast cancer. The only thing I noticed (which isn’t your fault) is the chart here that gives tiny facts/data on breast cancer. In the chart it states “breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in women, after lung cancer.” The only reason that seems weird to me is that then it is not the “leading cause of cancer death in women” and would be the “second highest cause of cancer death in women.” Again that’s nothing against you guys at all just a little thing I thought was odd and poor wording in a chart. All in all very nice site. 10/10

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