About me

I graduatated from Montana State University with baccalaureates in physics and in mathematics in the winter of 2014, following which I came here to Penn State as part of 2015’s class of new physics Ph.D. students.

I’m an Inland Northwest native, having grown up in North Idaho, and I love the great outdoors. I miss the evergreens, lakes and mountains of my home, but I still delight in hiking over the hills and through the woods here!

I like to tinker, making new ideas and tools and by coming up with new ideas for and uses of the resources available – especially when that means creative reuse of something that’s been retired or refused! Taking things apart is a great way to learn how the world works, which is very much in the same scientific spirit of understanding and discovery that plays into my academic life.

I love to learn and am always interested in both finding new ideas and sharing my own by talking to others about our respective studies and engagements. I would be enthused to talk if you’d like to write me a message or come by to visit!