Passion Blog #4: Stranger Things

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year and a half, you have probably heard the rave about the Netflix original series, “Stranger Things”. The second season was released almost two weeks ago and the suspense built up for it was completely justified after finishing the season. It took me a total of 68 hours to finish the entire season because when I say that it is nearly impossible to not let the next episode play, I truly mean that it is impossible. To get the gist of things, Stranger Things consists of four young boys and their supernatural friend; it follows their journey in saving their loved ones from the “Upside Down” (I would try to explain what that is but the show still hasn’t really been clear on that yet).

If I were to give this show a rating it would be a 10/10 without a doubt in my mind. I can truly say that there isn’t one complaint I could make just because the whole show is mesmerizing. One of my favorite parts about this show is the quality and realness of their special effects. The spores floating through the Upside Down reminded me of a sinister version of “Avatar”. The demodogs and the shadow monster were vicious creatures that were prevalent during the second season. Not only were they prevalent, but they were huge contributions to the freakiness and suspense of the show.  The shadow monster was a tornado like infection that takes over the body of one of the main characters and the demodogs were creatures that would eat a human alive in less than five seconds.

The”girl”ness in me can’t forget to mention the love stories that are presented throughout the show, especially the second season. Despite the fact that the majority of the characters being in middle school, young love was very real in this series. The love story between one of the young boys, Mike, and the supernatural friend, Eleven, may be one of my favorites to ever exist in any television show. The distance set between them in the second season causing Mike and Eleven to not see or speak to each other is heart-wrenching but their optimism to attempt to contact with one another is heart-warming. I don’t want to spoil anything but their young love was my favorite relationship in the series. Continuing, the love triangle between the three older siblings creates just the perfect amount of cliche drama which draws most of us to shows like The Bachelor and Grey’s Anatomy… and now Stranger Things.

In conclusion, one of the best things about this show is the variety of audiences it pertains too. It’s not considered a “girl” show or a “guy” show; it’s something all genders can enjoy together without being judged! Overall, this show is mind-blowing and addictive; I would recommend this to just about anyone considering I haven’t met anyone that has disliked it. The third season isn’t projected to be released until 2019, so if you haven’t seen Stranger Things already make sure you make the first two seasons last! (even though you probably won’t)