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For this semester of passion blogs, I decided to change my topic from television episode reviews to the different types of aromatherapy that are used daily, due to their growing popularity. I have recently invested money into different types of aromatherapys and I am not sure if it’s in my head, but I am convinced it works. I became intrigued with differnet types of aromatherapy, when my mom introduced it to me. My mom was dealing with the stress of losing a family member and she would swear that usung these scents and body lotions helped her along the way. Aromatherapy is defined as the use of aromatic plant extracts and essential oils in massage or baths. Hence, they are used in an enviornment of relaxation, in order for their job to get the full effect. I firmly believe that essential oils will be used more frequently as mood enhancers

On my recent trip to Ohio to visit family, I stopped at a Bath and Body Works where they had a wall filled with differnent types of aromatherapy. One of the body lotions I invested in was called “Focus”, something that I thought would be good for the new semester. This type of lotion uses a eucalyptus essential oils; this is used to clear the mind and provide clarity. It also uses a tea extract which increases focus. There are essential oils that have an instant effect on the activity of the brain. Scientists test this by monitoring brain activity via electroencephalograms. The reason scents have such an instant effect on our brains is because the emotional center in our brain is directly connected to the olfactory epithelium inside our noses. Hence, this is why enhaling a scent has direct contact which allows aromatherapy to be useful and handy in times of need. Although I only have the body lotion, aromatherapy is availible in all types of ways. They have body washes, body mists, wax candles, oils, car scents, body bars, aroma diffusers, etc. (the list is endless). On average, each bottle of lotion ranges from fourteen dollars to twenty four, I swear it is worth the investment. If you feel like your mind is cluttered with unneeded thoughts and you need to clear your head, the focus aromatheapy was made for you.

I am really excited to introduce a new topic for my passion blogs this semester because it is something I have become very interested in through the past couple years. It is more of a just a hobby for me, its more of a belief. I believe that medications can do more harm than they do good and sometimes we look to medicine such as advil as an easy fix, when it is doing everything but that. As science develops and aromatherapy becomes increasingly popular, I believe that the use of it won’t just be due to interest but because it actually does work. I hope that I can persuade all of you about how well it works and that the myths are in fact, not just myths.

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  1. I love this idea for a new passion blog. Aromatherapy is very underrated and your blog will help share more about what it is and does. I really liked how you talked about the personal experience that your mom had, as well as the type of aromatherapy that you use. It really helped me connect and believe in your topic. Maybe you could switch up your posts and do one on what it is /does/history, and another on different types of aromatherapy/scents. I have friends and family who love it and personally I find lavender oil helpful when I’m trying to relax. Really well done!

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