The Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences at Penn State University exist to connect researchers across disciplines. Excellent research and education are at the core of the Huck Institute, and are exemplified in the graduate degree programs: bioinformatics and genomics, ecologyMCIBS (molecular, cellular, and integrative biosciences), neuroscience, physiology, plant biology, and masters of biotechnology.

Students from all of these programs began working together to enhance our graduate education through various career and professional development activities. These conversations led to discussions about careers outside of academia and the skills that students must have to pursue these careers. We identified communication as a necessary skill for all career paths, and especially for those who want to pursue careers in science writing or communication. To fill this void, the Huck Graduate Student Advisory Committee (HGSAC), under the leadership of Molly Hanlon, started this blog to convey our experiences as scientists and graduate students and to help convey our research to the public.

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The Williman Gateway to the life sciences or the bridge.

The name of the blog, the Bridge, comes from the commonly used name for the Willaman Gateway to the Life Sciences, a physical bridge spanning the space between the life sciences building and the chemistry building, located in the heart of Penn State’s campus. We use the bridge as a point of reference, an event space, and a place to meet. We want this website to serve a similar purpose, connecting us to all of you.

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