Fair Use Policy for History of Public Controversy

Because my group chose to create a video on the NCAA sanctions, we are able to get a lot of footage just by walking around campus. All of our interviews are with current Penn State students and faculty. For example, today, we interviewed quarterback Shane McGregor for his take on how the sanctions affected the football team. We have a few other interviews lined up as well. Background footage just for visual affect will be easy to collect because we’re on campus. Even some of the photos we use could be those we personally took at the games we attended.

The decisions we have to make regarding fair use are in relation to the other footage we could possibly use that we can’t get on campus. The main issue would be getting the rights to the ESPN clip of President Emmert of the NCAA announcing the sanctions if we were to use them. It would also be great to get access to videos of the student section shouting the “We Are” chant at a home football game or something along those lines. The music we select will complement the mood created by the clips we choose. The music is a form of criticism or comment in the background, topics which fall under the Fair Use qualifications. I know it is preferable to have pieces of songs rather than the whole song if we’re trying to avoid copyright infringement.

This video is sort of a form of news reporting or teaching, two categories listed under the Fair Use qualifications, so we should be allowed to use the clips we hope to pull together. We aren’t planning to profit from this video, and we will definitely give credit to the original author.

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