The Sky

“I let my head fall back, and I gazed into the Eternal Blue Sky. It was morning. Some of the sky was yellow, some the softest blue. One small cloud scuttled along. Strange how everything below can be such death and chaos and pain while above the sky is peace, sweet blue gentleness. I heard a shaman say once, the Ancestors want our souls to be like the blue sky.” 
― Shannon HaleBook of a Thousand Days

I think it’s important to take time to appreciate the little things in life. In a world where technology has prevented us from communicating adequately face-to-face and from enjoying the pleasures of nature, small deeds and natural beauty often go unnoticed. My goal for this semester is to be on the lookout for these “little things” and fully appreciate them for what they are worth. I want to take time to really listen to what people are saying and to enjoy a beautiful day in the hopes of becoming a better person.

One “little thing” I have come to appreciate is the sky – a little thing that really isn’t so little. Before coming to college, I paid little attention to what was above me, even though I spent a great deal of time outside in the summer as both a caddie and avid golfer. Once I arrived at Penn State, things changed. Within the first few weeks of school, I visited the arboretum. For about an hour, I sat on a hill with a friend of mine and watched the sun set over the mountains. Watching the sky change colors and eventually blacken to illuminate the stars was absolutely beautiful. Each day, I paid more attention to the colors of the sky. On the days I woke at the crack of dawn to get to my 8 AM class my prescribed fifteen minutes before class, I’d sometimes stop to watch the sunrise above downtown State College.

photo (3)

an afternoon at the arboretum

There is something beautiful about the sky – not just beautiful in appearance, but beautiful in possibilities. There is never the same sky from day to day, no same arrangement of clouds or colors. Each day, the sky starts over – and it reminds us that we can do the same. Each day is new; what’s past is past. Every day is a day to start over and change our lives for the better. Each day is as unique and beautiful as the sky, and we should do as much with it as we can.


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