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Moderator Training

Being a moderator, I feel, is going to be more difficult than it was described in class. Although the moderator does not say much, it is her responsibility to make sure the conversation remains fruitful. The questions posed by the … Continue reading

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It’s strange how a color can actually mean something. In high school English classes, we would often discuss the significance of the colors chosen for poetic descriptions. I was skeptical of the idea and thought that the significance of a … Continue reading

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College Recruitment Process

All of us are aware that being a Division I athlete is an incredible honor, challenge, and time commitment. It is not a gift presented on a silver platter, but rather a goal that high school athletes strive for their … Continue reading

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I think I speak for everyone when I say that there’s nothing better than an email from eLiving informing you that there’s a package waiting for you in the commons. It is a “little thing in life” that’s really not … Continue reading

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