It’s strange how a color can actually mean something. In high school English classes, we would often discuss the significance of the colors chosen for poetic descriptions. I was skeptical of the idea and thought that the significance of a color never existed and that teachers were analyzing written works too intimately.

It wasn’t until recently that a color actually had an effect on my life. Sure, I like to say I bleed blue and white for Penn State and, to an extent, it’s true. But those colors were never the foundation of a cause or a goal. They were a symbol of allegiance. Now, I believe in the color orange. On the surface, it’s simple. It goes unnoticed for the most part because it is, well, just a color. Look a little deeper, and you realize that orange is a symbol of strength and perseverance.

Why? Last week on Monday, I, along with the rest of the Facebook and Twitter world, found out that my friend’s younger brother was just diagnosed with leukemia. My friend, typing from over 700 miles from home at Elon University, was posting statuses about “following the orange brick road” to the cure for leukemia. The hash tag “#prayersformason” became a trending topic on Twitter. Orange became the internet’s new favorite color. The majority of my high school graduating class changed their cover photos to the one shown below. Orange became a symbol of unconditional support and prayer for a kid from my hometown.

Although I hate that this had to happen to a friend of mine – or anyone for that matter – I think it’s fitting that all the hype for the cure happened right before THON. It gives every Penn Stater from my hometown a personal reason to fight for the cure. I also think it’s no coincidence that my THON shirt happens to be the brightest shade of orange I’ve ever seen. I’m proud to wear the color of strength on my back this weekend. For the Cure.



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