Persuasive Essay: Abortion

I plan to write my persuasive essay on the topic of abortion. It is an extremely sensitive subject, which is why I was apprehensive at first about choosing it. I found it troubling that I seem to be in the minority here at Penn State as a pro-life advocate. I feel very strongly about this issue – it’s one of the few political issues I actually have a solid position on – but I do not expect a welcoming reaction from my audience. However, I learned from former Irish president Mary Robinson that when you feel particularly strong about an issue, you must prepare to be disliked if you want to accomplish anything.

I studied the harmful effects of abortion for eight years when it was incorporated into my school curriculum. I listened to several guest speakers, watched movies entitled “The Miracle of Life” or something along those lines, and even attended the March for Life in Washington, D.C. the winter of my junior year of high school. Although it sounds as if I have been brainwashed into thinking a certain way about abortion, I have considered the other side and have found that what my school taught me is what I want to believe. Through this persuasive essay, I hope to show the audience my perspective on this topic. I want them to become more educated about abortion – what exactly it is, what its consequences are, and why it is so controversial. I want them to realize and understand the blessing and fragility of life. After all, they would not be here had their mothers not chosen life. I don’t expect to persuade everyone, but I at least hope to get them thinking about the pro-life side of this issue.

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  1. Kristen Laubscher says:

    I actually think this is so cool that you are going to write about something that you know so many people won’t agree with you about. Regardless of how I feel about abortion, I’m really impressed at your willingness to put yourself and your views out there. I hope I can read your paper at some point!

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