Ag Day

 I’m not quite sure if this quite fits the theme of my passion blog. Up until now, I’ve written about all the things I so often take for granted in life, like the beauty of the sky or the love tucked in a handwritten note. But this week I could not pass up the opportunity to talk about Ag Day.


Those animals are so. Darn. Cute.

IMG_2401  I think yesterday may have been the first time I ever pet a sheep, pig, or cow, which surprised me because I am OBSESSED with animals and I live near a bunch of farms. (My next door neighbors actually have a barn because they used to raise horses.) Also, my house is kind of farm-themed (I promise it looks good). I am so glad those little piggies and their friends were outside the creamery to greet me on my walk back to East. They put me in such a great mood.

Now that I think about it, I think they taught me some important life lessons.

When I visited the cows, both of them were fast asleep, curled up in their individual corners of the pen. These sleepy cows taught me that taking a break from the stress of life is a good thing. There’s nothing that a half-hour nap can’t fix.

523487_10200966968721181_1083266614_n The sheep were huddled together in the same corner of their pen, enjoying all the attention their adoring college fans were giving them. They taught me that companionship (plus some cuddling) is all you really need.

I think the pigs taught me the most. When I visited them, they seemed so happy. They scurried around their pen to meet all their visitors, hoping someone would give them some extra food. They taught me that, no matter what, you have to look at the bright side of life. Happiness is contagious. If someone sees you happy, they will, in turn, become happy too. Oh, and food is good. You can never have too much food.

This guy bit me but we share a love of food so it's ok.

This guy bit me but we share a love of food so it’s ok.


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