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Persuasive Essay: Rough Draft

This is pretty much last week’s draft plus a paragraph… any criticism is appreciated! Every year on January 22, thousands of people from throughout the country gather in the streets of Washington, D.C. for a peaceful demonstration. Armed with homemade … Continue reading

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The Power of Hunter Hayes

I apologize in advance for embracing my former Catholic-Campus-Ministry-Liturgy-Executive self, but often times little things in life apply to personal religious values. This week was really stressful; I’m not going to lie. I had two exams on Wednesday – one … Continue reading

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Review of TED Talk

I was so nervous before my TED Talk. Normally I love public speaking. I’ve been told public speaking is a gift of mine. However, I’d never given a speech without notes before, and, up until the hour before I gave … Continue reading

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