My name is Brittany Heath, I currently live in the Bronx, NYC. I am an army brat so I have grown up all over. I graduated in 2015 from Penn State IST with degrees in IST and SRA. My concentrations were integration and application and cyber security.  Prior to graduation I completed two internships with Verizon in New Jersey.After graduating I started working for Verizon Wireless in the Information Security department. I currently commute from NY to NJ (which isnt as bad as it sounds). My team is responsible for Identity and Access Management for the organization. We manage account provisioning for all employees and non-employees as well as the maintenance of our identity management systems. Working at Verizon has given me the opportunity to learn about what drives our business and the steps we are taking to improve the products and IT services to support our customers. Once I finish my degree I want to pursue the CISSP certification. I gained an interest in enterprise architecture after taking my capstone class in IST where my team created a EA framework repository.

I bring to this course an Information Security perspective. I have also had experiences in project management and business architecture. I hope to gain from this course a better understanding of EA modeling how security measures can be enhanced in EA.

I have a pitpull that is the sweetest animal on the planet. In my free time I enjoy yoga and I recently started muay thai (kickboxing).