MFC Powerpoint Presentations (pdf files)

MFC Videos

Microbial fuel cells (MFCs) and Salinity Gradient Energy (SGE) Powerpoint presentation

Salinity Gradient Energy (SGE) Powerpoint presentations (pdf files)

Salinity Gradient Energy (SGE) Videos


Perchlorate (Slides, 2007 Perchlorate Conference, Ontario CA)




Energy Literacy and Energy Use

The Daily Energy Unit “D”. How can we understand our energy use when everything has so many different units! These presentations explain how we can use the unit D to understand our energy use as it relates to the energy in our food.

Advice on Professional Development

These presentations cover advice on making presentations, choosing research topics, improving your writing style, and the journey to tenure. They are available in ppt or pptx format for downloading, or pdf versions which are smaller files but they have no animation (which could be helpful for some slides). Some of the presentations contain material that overlap content with other ones.

Other videos

Publishing in ES&T and ES&T Letters

Interested in publishing in Environmental Science & Technology (ES&T) or ES&T Letters? As the Editor for ES&T Letters, I am often asked to give a presentation on the journals, with an emphasis on what it takes to successfully get a manuscript published in the journal.

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