The Logan Group – Spring 2020

The members of Dr. Bruce Logan's research lab, February 2020









Front Row (L to R): Bruce Logan, Le Shi, Alyssa Grube, Kathryn Lawson, Ruggero Rossi, Gahyun Baek, Nicolas Cross
Back Row (L to R): Tom Poorbaugh, Jesse Greener, Evan Newcomer, Emmanuel Fonseca, David Jones

Researchers Currently in the Logan Lab

Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Researchers

Nicholas Cross PhD Student in Chemical Engineering (Fall 2019). Nicholas received his BS in Chemical Engineering from Oregon State University. He is working on improving thermal ammonia regenerable batteries as a method of converting waste head into electricity.

Emmanuel Fonseca  MS student (Fall 2018). Emmanuel received his BS in Bioengineering from the University of California at Santa Cruz. He is working on new anode  materials for microbial electrolysis cells and microbial fuel cells, and is interested in exploring bioelectroecology dynamics in these systems.

Kathryn Lawson

Kathryn Lawson PhD Student (Since Fall 2017). Kathryn received her BS at Clarkson University and MS degree from The Ohio State University. She is working on hyperthermophilic microbial fuel cells using archaea.

Evan Newcomer, MS Student (Since August 2019). Evan is working on desalination using battery electrode deionization (BDI) processes.
Ruggero Rossi, PhD
Ruggero Rossi, Post-Doctoral Researcher (Since July 2017). Ruggero received his PhD from the University of Bologna in Italy in Biochemical and Biotechnological Engineering in 2017. Ruggero is working on analysis and scaling up of microbial fuel cells. [Google scholar]

Le Shi  Postdoctoral Researcher (Since September 2019). Le Received her PhD from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia. Le is working on new electrochemical systems for nutrient recovery and desalination. [Google scholar]

Gahyun Baek,
Post-Doctoral Researcher (Since Jan 2020). Gahyun received her PhD from the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), Republic of Korea in 2019.

Undergraduate Researchers 

Eric Kolvek, 2018-2019. Eric is an undergraduate in the Penn State Chemical Engineering department. Eric is working on Battery Deionization (BDI) flow systems to desalinate waste water.

Alyssa Grub, 2019. Alyssa is an undergraduate in Engineering Science and Mechanics student studying current and power production in two-chamber hyperthermophilic microbial fuel cells for her senior thesis project.

Laboratory Manager

David Jones Environmental Engineering Lab Manager (since 2003), Kappe Environmental Engineering Laboratories, and Laboratory/Research Safety Officer for the Logan group. Dave has a BS in Chemistry from Roanoke College, an MS in Environmental Pollution Control from Penn State, and is continuing work towards a Bioenergy Certificate in Renewable Energy and Sustainability Systems. His responsibilities include a variety of administrative functions, EHS management and research support as well as operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of most analytical equipment.

Arriving Soon!

Dr. Le Shi, Postdoc, from KAUST, Saudi Arabia (July 2019).

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