I believe a course in the College of Engineering at Penn State should provide the best information available on a topic, be presented in a clear manner, and have reasonable expectations from both students and instructors, so that it is challenging but it makes good use of the student’s time to master the material presented. People can learn a sport, but athletes get better through challenging and effective training. It should be the same way with scholars, where some will learn the basic material and how to use it, but the best in the class will also be presented with opportunities to hone their skills and become true scholars. At Penn State, the undergraduate CEE program and the graduate Environmental Engineering program are among the best in the country, we hope to keep it that way through providing the best education possible.

Below are the courses that I have taught at Penn State, and previously at the University of Arizona. I provide my SRTE scores based on the number of years (n) I have taught the course, with the averages and standard deviations based on all assessments. SRTE evaluations have some flaws, but they have a special value for me when they significantly decrease or change. A decline from these numbers can indicate poor presentation of material on my part, excessive expectations (by either me or the students). I strive to be the best instructor that I can, by always being fair, considerate and respectful. I take all comments provided on SRTEs very seriously. Note that SRTEs are not public information, but as it is my information, I have chosen to share it and I encourage all of my colleagues to do the same.

Courses Taught at Penn State University  – Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • CE 371 Water Supply and Wastewater Systems (3 cr; Spring semesters)
    • SRTE: Course=5.3±0.5, Instructor=5.6±0.6 (n=6)
  • CE 572 Biological Wastewater Treatment (3 cr; Spring semesters only)
    • SRTE: Course=6.2±0.4, Instructor=6.4±0.5 (n=7)
  • CE 576 Environmental Transport Processes (3 cr; Fall semesters only)
    • SRTE: Course=5.9±0.4, Instructor=6.1±0.4 (n=18)
  • CE 597B Laboratory for Biological Wastewater Treatment (1 cr; some Spring semesters)
    • SRTE: Course=5.8, Instructor=6.1 (n=1)
  • CE 591 Environmental Engineering & Science Seminar (1 cr, Spring and Fall semesters)
    • SRTE: Course=6.0±0.4, Instructor=6.4±0.5 (n=6)
  • CE 592 Environmental Engineering Research Topics (1 cr, Spring and Fall semesters)
    • 2015: Innovative nutrient removal technologies
    • 2012: Reviewing manuscripts
    • 2011: Algal biofuels
    • 2009: Desalination
    • 2005: Bacteria in microbial fuel cells
    • 2002: Membrane bioreactors
    • 2001: Biological hydrogen production
    • 2000: Anaerobic respiration
    • SRTE: Course=6.5±0.4, Instructor=6.7±0.3 (n=8)

Presentations for Classes (Slides)

The Environmental Engineering Progam at Penn State

Courses Taught at the University of Arizona – Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering

  • CE 370 Water Supply and Wastewater Systems
  • ChEE 478 Introduction to Hazardous Waste Management
  • Hyd 483 Chemical and Physical Limnology and Oceanography.
  • ChEE 574 Environmental Transport Processes
  • CE 671 Advanced Water and Wastewater Analysis Laboratory

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